Sharing Christmas Cheer – Ornament Exchange !!!

I can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner. In fact there are only 7 weeks until Christmas.

I love Thanksgiving for its family time and voicing all the wonderful blessings (and there are many) that have been bestowed on us during the year but Christmas is my all time favorite holiday. I remember the anticipation of the Christmas season when I was a child. The Christmas programs at church when you had a part to say and you practiced it for weeks. The beautiful new dress I always got to wear and the “clippy” shoes that went along with the outfit !!! My grandparents lived in Toledo, Ohio and, when we were small, we would make the 1 1/2 hour trip with the presents all piled in the trunk. I still love all the sparkly lights and Tom and I usually visit at least 1 Christmas light display every year. The best part of Christmas for me is the giving. To brain storm all the ideas for just the perfect gift. To shop and hunt for that gift. To wrap it up in pretty paper and then to see the joy in the eyes of the recipient. 

When I saw the post for a Christmas ornament exchange I knew I had to participate !!!! What a wonderful way to met new blogger friends !!!!

Thanks Erlene from My Pinterestventures for hosting this exchange – it was great fun !!! She got together 80+ of us to share and exchange ornaments – both purchased and handmade. Stop by Erlene’s blog during the next 14 days to see all the fabulous ornaments that were exchanged !!

I was paired with Brittany from DIY Just Cuz. Take a look at her awesome web site. Brittany and her 2 cousins have amazing DIY projects. I saw several projects that I would love to work on. Be sure to read her About Page for a sweet love story and some cute critter pics. 

Now on to my ornament shopping trip. My husband Tom and I headed off to our local Michaels store. Brittany likes country so I was on the look out for ornaments that would fit in her style. 


Look at these festive arrangements !!! They really get me into the Holiday mood. But, I need to get on to my ornament shopping. 


But I get distracted again. Everything is so pretty !!!


How about this evergreen scarf !!??!!

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Or maybe a new lapel flower or hair clip !!!


Saw more beautiful displays – oh, yes – I’m supposed to be shopping for Brittany !!!

No cow

Maybe this isn’t the look I’m aiming for – country it is not !!!

Finally – I think I nailed it.


So, off to Brittany these cute country ornaments will go. I hope they grace her tree for years to come and let her know how much fun I had shopping for her. Just a note – there is no cow ornament included !!

My partners today in the ornament exchange are:

xo, Lorey – DIY Reversible Christmas Plaque Ornament

Nets Blog About JNets Line – Snowman Star Ornament


Check out each of these fabulous web sites to see what creative bloggers we have as they each share their ornament story today !!

I pray that your holidays will be blessed and you will spend it with those you love. 

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52 thoughts on “Sharing Christmas Cheer – Ornament Exchange !!!

  1. Hi Rebecca, This is my first Ornament Exchange and I am just learning about blogging myself. I love your post and your pictures. You totally embraced the spirit of the exchange. I was supposed to be on the 4th and was unable to complete my ornament. I feel so bad that I let people down by not meeting my commitment but am glad I was able to get into todays slot. Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping for a visit, Jeanette. Hasn’t this ornament exchange been fun !!!! I’m glad you got into today’s slot too and I know that sometimes “stuff” happens. Your snowman star is darling. I know it will be a big hit !!!! Blessings to you and yours this holiday season !!!

  2. Seriously, you make me want to go shopping with you! You look like you’re having so much fun and it was great to see you shopping for your exchange partner’s ornament.

    1. I would love to go shopping with you, Erlene !! We would have a blast. I so appreciate you hosting this fun exchange. I enjoyed shopping for Brittany and also seeing all the rest of the ornaments. I pray you and your family have a wonderful holiday season !!

  3. I’m feeling a major Micheal’s shopping trip brewing! What a fun time! The ornaments you chose are DARLING! But the little cow in the the top hat was too hilarious!

    1. Ha! Ha! I have to say that I liked the cow too, Lorey. I love Micheal’s and we go there often. I’m always excited to see the new coupons come out. This has been a fun exchange. I hope Brittany at DIY Just Cuz likes my Micheal’s find !!!

  4. What a great post! When I first saw the picture with the cow, I thought ‘I hope she didn’t receive something she didn’t want!’ I think what you picked was perfect! I am participating in the exchange too and I am just stopping by for a visit!

    1. Hasn’t this ornament exchange been sooo much fun, Pamela. I did have fun shopping and I loved seeing every one of the fabulous ornaments so far. I’ll be sure to have a look at yours tomorrow. Blessings.

  5. I’ve been your neighbor at several blog hops this morning – and I couldn’t resist reading the post that accompanied that funny photo of you! I love how you described your childhood memories, those *old days* were just the best. And I loved shopping with you at Michael’s. I, too, get so distracted in that store!! I love the ornaments you picked out for Brittany – I think they’re perfect! Although the glitzy horse in the top hat was a close second – HA!!


    1. This ornament exchange has been sooo much fun, Sharon. And I do have lots of fond memories of Christmas. My mom loved Christmas and shopped for it all year but almost every year she would put one present away and not remember where she put it. She also have a real cut glass crystal dish that she only used for Christmas brunch. I can still see the colorful fruit with her own special sauce that sparkled in the chandelier light on Christmas morning. I would love to go on a shopping trip to Michael’s with you and we could get distracted together !!! May you and your family have a blessed holiday season.

  6. I love SWAPS!! I also love Michael’s 🙂 This post made me so happy it also reminded me I need a trip to Michael’s ASAP! 🙂
    Isn’t it a neat thought to think that your swap partner will have a piece of you each year, I like that. 🙂

    1. So glad that the post made your day, Mrs. AOK. I love shopping at Michael’s and wish everyone could have gone along. A lot of my Christmas ornaments are not ritzy but homemade and filled with memories. I still love the paper fan that me daughter brought home when she was in 2nd grade with her picture on it. It is nice to think that Brittany will have something to remember this year. Blessings to you and yours.

  7. How fun! Looks like you had a blast ornament shopping! It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already! Hope your holidays are very blessed. Thanks for linking up at the Homemaking Party!!

    1. This year has just flown by, Sarah. It doesn’t seem that that time of year to us either. We did have a blast shopping and wish we could have taken everyone with us !! Blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

    1. Thanks, Heather, we sure had fun in this exchange. It’s so great to become acquainted with new blogger friends. Appreciate you stopping by and sharing !!

    1. Hasn’t this exchange been so much fun !!!! I loved seeing every ornament too. We have some very talented bloggers out there !!! Blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

  8. Ahahaha the cow ornament is so funny…. love what you chose! I’m a big fan of Christmas lights too, hoping to find some new fun displays in my new city. Thanks for linking up at Friday Frivolity! 🙂

    1. We live near Portland, Oregon, Sarah so we have a big variety of places to choose from. Every year we try to pick a new spot too. Glad you liked the ornaments and I’ll have to say – I kind of liked the cow too LOL. Blessings.

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