How to Really Show Love to Your Kids !!

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Life gets so busy. Sometimes it’s hard to connect with our kids in the midst of laundry, cooking meals, errands, and on and on. But here are some special ways you can connect with your kids on a daily basis!!

1.) Notes in unexpected places – tape it on their bedroom ceiling, tuck it in their lunch box, slip it under their cereal bowl, lay it on their pillow at night, drop it in their sneakers. Even if your little one can’t read yet, you can draw them a picture. Your children may not express their enthusiasm about your notes or even acknowledge getting them, but know that writing notes to them will impact their lives and always be remembered.

2.) Stickers – Stickers are cheap, quick, and popular with kids of all ages. Buy many sheets of stickers in advance and then put them on your kids’ shirts before they go to school. Tell them that whenever they see the sticker, they can remember that you love them!

3.) Journal – Buy a special notebook that your child picks out. Every day, write down their favorite thing they did that day. They will be able to read this over later in life and will cherish it, and best of all, it literally only takes a minute or less. If you get into the routine of doing it at the same time every day, like dinner time, it will be easy to remember.


4.) Kiss Box – This is an empty box that they can decorate. You can put a kiss “into” it when you leave for work or to go out. Tell them that if they ever miss you, they can open the box and take out a kiss. There is a great picture book – The Kiss Box, that you can read with your child if they like the kiss box idea. (disclosure – this is an affiliate link and we will receive a small percentage of the price you pay for this precious book. Thank you in advance for your support !!)

5.) Special Signal – You make up a special signal with your child that means “I love you.” Your child will enjoy thinking up their own special signal, and whenever one of you does the signal, the other should respond. Different parents and sibling pairs can all make up their own special signals.

6.) Special Song – Make up a little song for your child based on a melody you love, that is only for you and her. For example: You are my Amanda, my only Amanda, you make me happy when skies are gray, you’ll never know dear, how much Mommy loves you, please don’t take my Amanda Bear away.


7.) Be present – When you’re watching your son play soccer, watch the game and cheer him on. When you’re playing Go Fish with your daughter, put your cell phone away and just focus on the game. Kids intuitively know when your attention is elsewhere and that makes them feel less important to you. Put the focus on your kids and watch them soak it up!

8.) Just tell them – This sounds obvious. But you can never tell someone you love them too often. All people love to hear that they are important, and that they are doing things that make you happy. Think about the last time you praised your child for doing something right instead of scolded him for doing something wrong. That praise reinforces to your child that they are loved.

9.) Remind them how much God loves them. We can’t properly express love to our children without knowing that God is love, and that He loves us completely and unconditionally. Tell your kids often how much God loves them – all the time !!!!


10.) Take them out on dates – A date involves time spent one-on-one trying to learn more about a person, talking, asking questions, communicating, building relationships. Why not date our kids? Going on regular dates with our kids will open lines of communication and build strong relationships that will whether the good and bad times in life. If you can talk easily now, you’ll be able to talk when it really counts.

Showing love should be a daily thing when it comes to your family. Children who are secure in knowing that they are loved by their parents or caregivers are free to go on with their lives with a full heart and self-confidence. And by focusing on showing love to our family it will become much more of a habit – and a great one at that!


2 thoughts on “How to Really Show Love to Your Kids !!

  1. Love these practical and tender ways to share our love with our kiddos. Mine is 14 now, but our dates nights or even just special stolen moments together are something I treasure so much. Setting that pattern from the time he was little makes it much easier to continue in his independent teen years. Happy to be your neighbor at #coffeeforyourheart today.

  2. What beautiful ways to show children how much they are loved and cared for. These are easy and practical for any parent, but beautiful in the eyes of a child! Happy Valentine’s Day !

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