Decorating With the Spirit of Love !!

Your home can be a place of love and rest to all who enter in there!!! And it’s not hard. 

I love to decorate. Tom and I often pour through thrift stores in search of buried treasure that can be used or re-purposed for our house. Most of the things we have are not new but do-overs !!!! There is something about finding that sign for the bench outside that just gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling. We are “homemaking” which literally means “making a home.” We are working to create a lifestyle and sense of “welcome” to ourselves and others who enter our humble abode.


Why is a “welcome home” lifestyle so important? I truly believe that we all need a base, a place of safety, a spiritual center and place where we belong. Most of us need a place we can call home. But a “welcome home” lifestyle doesn’t have anything to do with wealth or position. Your home can be small, like ours, or a palatial mansion because home is as much a state of the heart and spirit as it is a specific place.

So take heart – decorating with love and a sense of welcome doesn’t take a lot of money or even a lot of time. No professional needs to be hired and you don’t need to take a decorating class. What it does require is a caring, loving attitude to extend yourself to those in your family and those who visit and share your home.

So lets get started on decorating our home with the spirit of love.

A welcoming house decorated with love is a place of refuge. A place where people worn down by the noise and turmoil of the outside world can find a place of rest. But wait a minute you say – I have three kids under 5, two dogs, a pet gerbil, and a husband. It is never quiet at my house !!!! But a place of rest and refuge is not a quiet house but a house where real life takes place. It’s where personalities can be nurtured, where growth is stimulated, and people feel free to be who they are but to develop into their best self. So light some candles, put on some soothing music, bake a pie and make your home a welcome sanctuary for each person who lives or enters there.


 A welcoming house decorated with love is a blessing. Our home is a place where we are made aware of God’s blessings and through which we pass on His blessings to others. Our house belongs to God and is a blessing from Him. When we decided to move from Utah to Oregon we started to look for a house. Looking for houses from 1400 miles away is not easy. We had just been to visit family in Oregon a few months earlier but at that time we were not ready to move or commit to a house in Oregon. As the days got closer for us to move we (well, maybe just me) got a little nervous. We knew that we could move into an apartment and continue our search once we got here but we sure didn’t want to move twice. So we prayed for God’s help. And He come through !! Three weeks before we moved we signed papers for this house. Just in the nick of time but then God knew all along that He would bless us. So we think of our house as a blessing. We love the neighborhood and the house. So if this house really is a blessing and belongs to God we need to open it to others. Share a meal, a bed, a cup of coffee with others in your home. Make them feel welcome and blessed with the spirit of love.


A welcoming house decorated with love is a house of godliness. Godly values should live in my home and yours. All good companies have a mission statement that drives how they conduct their business. The spirit of godliness permeating our home, filling it with the beauty of His love should be our mission statement. God’s word should be the foundation of every decision or choice we make in our home or family. Only through daily immersion in Scripture and prayer can I tap into God’s strength and love. I know that it isn’t always easy to set this time aside in the midst of dishes, laundry, sick kids and meal preparation but when I have carved out the time to renew and refresh before God I’ve found that tasks seem lighter. My one-on-one time with God is essential but it isn’t enough. We were never meant to serve God in a vacuum. How about using your home for the weekly Ladies Bible Study ? The early church broke bread together and had service in their homes. Such amazing things happen when we choose to reach out to others, in the spirit of godliness, from our home. And remember our children are growing up in this spirit of godliness and will take on the spirit of Christ to reach out to others too. 


A welcoming house decorated with love will be a house of femininity. I believe that today’s world is hungering for the spirit of femininity. What better antidote for an impersonal and violent society than warm, gentle, feminine strength and love. 

“In today’s world…….it is still woman’s business to make life better, to make tomorrow better than today” – Helen Thames Raley

What better cure for haphazard lives than a love of beauty and a confidence in one’s ability, given from God, to make things lovely for our family and others in our home. What greater hope for the future than a nurturing mother’s heart that is more concerned for the next generation than her own selfish desires. All these qualities – gentle strength, love of beauty, care and nurturing – are part of the spirit of femininity. This doesn’t mean we have to follow a set pattern or adopt a cookie cutter style. Garden hats and gloves might be a thing of the past but you can wear your denim skirt and flats with an air of gentleness and sensitivity. Your sleek, modern kitchen can be filled with an unmistakable warmth, and gracious love of hospitality. The spirit of femininity is the spirit of care and compassion for others and yourself. The Bible’s word pictures of God are often full of soft, tender, feminine images. God is not only the powerful God but He can display a tender, nurturing side too. True beauty and femininity comes from a heart of tenderly caring for others. But the spirit of femininity is far from weak. Beautiful, Godly woman through the ages have shaped and changed the world. Beautiful Queen Ester changed the fate of a nation. Sweet Mary, the mother of Jesus, held in her arms the son of God against the whispers, and snide looks of that day. Our families need our femininity. My prayer today is that the spirit of femininity and the sweet fragrance of God’s beauty is shown through out all my home and family. 

Susan Rios – used with permission

Our homes are an extension of our witness and love of God. Benefits will be reaped by our children for years to come if a welcoming spirit of love is present in our homes. Decorating with love will enable your home to be warm, welcoming, comfortable, and freeing. A place where your personality can shine and your soul is renewed. Lets decorate with love !!!!

How have you decorated your home with love ? 





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  1. I love making my home a place of comfort and safety for my family, too. I’ve always felt that taking care of my home is taking care of what God has given to me. We’ve never had tons of money, and sometimes I wish I could decorate more. But, God has taught me a lot about contentment, too. Thanks for sharing at Literacy Musing Mondays!

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