Valentine Gifts That Say to Him – I Still Do !!!!!!

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Love you to pieces

Mary and Martha

Nothing is ever said in the Bible about either Mary or Martha having a husband. In fact since the Bible states that they both seem to live in the same house as their brother Lazarus it appears that they both were single. They may have lived there under their brother’s protection or since the Bible, several times, calls the home where they all lived, Mary and Martha’s House, one or both of them may have been a widow...

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New Post Giddiness

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1 sunrise

Here I sit early in the morning in my office still in my comfy robe. The stream is rising from my cup of Brown Sugar flavored coffee. Behind the trees the sun is starting to awake. The house is quite and still. BUT………

I have places to go and sights to see. Today is finally the day I’m going to travel to Bethany to Mary and Martha’s house. I want to walk the dusty roads Jesus and His disciples traveled when they often visited the city, far away from the crowds. To sit at the table prepared by loving hands and to listen as the discussion turns to the unrest in Jerusalem...

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